Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 Wrap up

About 20 riders started laps at Miller's on Sunday morning at 7 am in support of the 3rd annual M4 ride. We couldn't have asked for better starting conditions.  It was calm, cool, and clear as the riders turned on their lights and started winding their way through the trees.  Several supports and team riders waited in the parking area where Ruth Holliday from the Bicycle Pedaler has set up a tent and she provided water, energy packs, and lots of enthusiasm.  The Oz Club also had a tent set up for their riders and provided encouragement for everyone as they completed their laps. 

Only three riders attempted to complete the ride solo.  One rider left for a non-ride situation that needed his attention and the other two idiots (including me) completed the ride as dusk fell.

Lap one was marked with the rides first mechanical.  I jump one of the gullies and de-chained my bike. After several attempts to keep the chain on  I discovered I had bent a tooth on my Spot chainring.  Brent left me to complete his lap and I ran back to the truck and used a crescent wrench to complete a field fix.  I caught up with Brent later in the lap. On the second lap Brent wrecked causing bruising and a jacked up hip.  He was quoted as saying "fuck!"

#3 came by to taunt us by drinking beer while his new bride rode laps in his place on Brent's team. He has an injury but when asked if he skipped the ride to avoid a blood doping test he was quoted as saying "suck it!"

The rest of the ride was marked with multiple flats on my part and all together a difficult but wonderful ride.

The shirts were a success. They were designed by Andy Tatum and printed by Prairie Print

Thanks to all the riders who participated and their family members for the Sunday ride pass to be away from home all day.

See you next year,


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  1. This was my first attempt at any century. May as well kick it in the ass and make it a Dirty Century. Four or five spills and nagging low back pain didn't deter me, though. I have a new found respect for a single track century. Looking forward to next year. Thanks for organizing it Aaron.